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Year rescued: 2009
Age when rescued: About 3 weeks
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Gray and her siblings (Awesome, Mii and Roswell) were rescued from a middle school campus after one of them fell off the roof. Someone climbed up and found 3 more kittens, then they were brought to us. We tried to catch the mother, but she had a few more litters before she was finally caught - we call them "the grays". Gray and her sister, Roswell, looked like tiny little gray aliens when they were kittens - hence the names. Gray can be sweet, but also has a tendency to be obnoxious.

The grays - Awesome, Mii, Roswell, Gray, Killer, Linus, Ali, Ani, Yogi, Zeta, Hello Kitty and Stuffy.

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Miko Pepper Boomer Bandit Gypsy Kitty Nani
Lilo Stitch Number One Orion Pudge Puka Dot
Savannah Rajah BG Onyx Tika Crush Kiwi
Mooki Kismet Karma Luci Thor Canada Odin
Chewie Sky Mango Izzy Eris Cheeto Kaylee
Zoƫ Isis Kokomo Gizmo Tabitha Hoot Sam
Gus Tribble Dora Klondike Giza Jayne Lips
Awesome Gray Mii Roswell Murray Oogie Peanut
Andromeda Egypt Cashew Lola Xena Loki Torti
Charlie Emo Oz Elvis Mambo Lulu Cairo
Tulip Bobo Isaac Gonzo Eli Sonic Panda
Diego Freddie Zen Maria Lea Kona Bowie
Linus Killer Ali Ani Sugar Shadow Smudge
Kewpie Ziggy LeeLee Mimi Gigi Cosmo Yogi
Sid Manny Leila Achmed Jip Janeke Spock
Zeta Stuffy Hello Kitty Sake Sushi Pita Bebe
Smokey Rigel Bug Athena Teddy Ava Elmo
Anubis Luna Terra Khufu Simon Crazy Ninja
Munchkin Evil Chia Foster Colbie Bruno Daisy