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While the humans in this house are vegans, the cats and dogs are not.  Cats and dogs are carnivores, and need animal protein.  While a raw diet would be best, not everyone (including us) has the time and/or money to offer this type of diet to their pets.  Wysong is what we have found to be the best prepared food available.  It is the brand we use and recommend.  They offer a variety of dry and canned formulas, as well as freeze dried raw foods.  We believe Wysong is the reason our pets do so well, despite many of them being born with chronic health conditions. 

feeding time
Feeding time - this is what happens everytime a bowl of food is poured.

Several years ago, we had some pets with health issues.  We had a beautiful longhaired cat named Simba who lost all of the fur on her back and legs.  We had a large dog named Sheba who constantly had runny stools, and everything she ate ran right through her – so she couldn’t put on any weight.  We had a litter of scrawny kittens who had leaky diarrhea.  They had to be kept in a room where everything was covered with shower curtains and sheets that were being washed constantly.  We tried every kind of food that the pet stores carried, but nothing changed.  We started doing research online, reading articles like What’s Really in Pet Food, and tried several kinds of natural and holistic foods.  Then, we found Wysong.  When we tried their foods, all of our pets loved them.  It was the first food we had found that all of them would actually eat.  We had around 30 cats and 3 dogs, many of whom were very picky.  Finding something that everyone liked was a challenge.  Within a few days of starting them on Wysong, Sheba and the kittens finally had solid stools and started putting on weight.  Within 2 weeks, Simba’s fur grew back.  We have been using Wysong’s food and supplements ever since.  When we bring in a new animal, they are switched to Wysong immediately.


If you are interested in purchasing from Wysong, please use the link on our website. A portion of your purchase will go toward helping our rescue efforts.



We recommend using alkaline drinking water (pH of 9 - 10). We drink it ourselves and give it to our pets. Alkaline water is an antioxidant and helps the body flush out toxins. It reduces acidosis, a major cause of disease and inflammation. While using alkaline water, we have notice a huge reduction in urinary tract infections - particularly in cats for whom that was a chronic condition.

We use a water ionizer that is sold by Wysong to filter and raise the pH of our tap water. We also use and recommend Willard Water. It is diluted in the drinking water (for animals, you only need to use half of the recommended strength). Willard Water raises the pH and acts as a catalyst to improve the body's own functions.

To get our pets to drink more water, we use pet water fountains. Most animals prefer the running water, and it keeps the water fresher as it circulates with the pump. We use them without the carbon filters, since carbon filtration lowers the water's pH, and only use the alkaline water (which is filtered by the water ionizer). Currently, we are using stainless steel and ceramic fountains from Pioneer Pet. They seem to be working well and are relatively easy to clean. We have also used and recommend Drinkwell pet fountains.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our recommended products, please use the link on our website. A portion of your purchase will go toward helping our rescue efforts.