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Litter & Litter Boxes


As you can imagine, with this many cats, we go through a lot of cat litter. We have devised a method that keeps down odors and makes the litter last just a little bit longer.

Litter box - The litter box we use and have been recommending has apparently been discontinued by Petco. It is an extra large, oval, cream colored litter box with a clear top. The litter box is Petco brand and is a great litter box for a low price. We are on the hunt for a new model that is affordable to replace ours as they wear out.

litter box

Baking Soda - Before filling the litter box with litter, we cover the bottom with baking soda. This helps with moisture and odors. It also makes the litter box easier to clean because it keeps wet litter from sticking to the pan.

litter box 1

Litter - The best litter we have found is, by far, Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra cat litter. It contains no chemicals, has little dust, and clumps very well. It is our favorite, as well as the cats' favorite. One 40 pound bag fits perfectly in an extra large litter box.

litter box 2

Diatomaceous Earth - On top of the litter, we sprinkle a thin layer of food grade diatomaceous earth and mix it into the litter. It also helps control moisture and odors, and has the added benefit of killing parasites that may be in the litter box.

litter box 3


Scoops - We have tried all kinds of litter scoops, and our preferred scoop is still the low-priced, plastic one we buy at Target. We use a jumbo sized scoop that is made of strong plastic.

Outdoors/Dogs - For cleaning up outdoors, we use a Doggie Dooley, which sits underground. It has a lid that opens to throw in waste, and it works like a septic tank. The Doggie Dooley cuts out the need for plastic bags, and there is no odor.