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We recently had a issue with our dog, Miko. Miko is 16, and his joints sometimes get a little stiff, partially because of his age, but also because he prefers to sleep on the hard tile floor instead of on a bed. Recently, he started having more trouble walking and started holding up one of his hind legs. We figured it was his stiff joints, but he also had a pressure sore on his knee. I tried different ointments, which just seemed to make it worse and the wound became abscessed. The wound opened up a deep hole about the size of a pencil eraser. I stopped with the ointments and just bandaged it up, untreated. It didn't help the wound heal, but it at least stopped getting worse.

I finally came across an ointment that was "guaranteed" to work. The product is called Humane Healing. I figured we might as well try it. I bought a tube online and it came in a couple of days. I put it on the sore right away and bandaged it back up. That night, Miko was putting weight on his leg and was able to walk around the yard without falling down. The next day, he was walking normally. When I went to reapply the ointment and replace the bandage, I was surprised to find that the hole had already closed up and scabbed over. The swelling was gone. As of this writing, it has only been 3 days since I first applied the Humane Healing ointment, and the wound has healed over with no sign of the sore other than the bald spot from where I had to trim the fur away to keep it out of the wound.

I am so amazed with this product, and am recommending it to everyone:

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