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Cats and dogs can get agitated or stressed by any number of things. Some are just high-strung, others have specific triggers that set them off. They may get anxious being around other animals or people, or from being left alone. Trips to the vet or groomer can be stressful for some, or they may be affected by loud noises or thunderstorms. Every pet is different in terms of what stresses them out, but there is one product that I have found that works for just about everyone.

PetAlive PetCalm PetAlive Pet Calm has helped us in many situations. Our dog, Miko, always had to be muzzled when taken to the vet. Even though he is extremely friendly and loves everyone, he does not like going to the vet. He would snarl and snap at anyone who tried to touch him, even after the muzzle was put on. The last time we took him in, we sprinkled some Pet Calm into his mouth before we left the house. For the first time, he was not nervous during the car ride (he usually gets sick riding in the car). Once at the vet's office, he sat nicely and let them examine him. He was even wagging his tail while they drew his blood.

Miko and some of our cats receive and acupuncture and other treatments from our holistic veterinarian. They can get fidgety and nervous during their treatments, so we started giving them Pet Calm to help them relax. Now they are a lot less tense and seem to enjoy their treatments. Some of our long-haired cats get mats that need to be combed out every once in a while. Without the Pet Calm, there are a couple of cats who would claw my arms up.

We have tried just about every calming and stress aid for pets that is available, and Pet Calm has definitely worked the best for every situation we have come across.