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Conjunctivitis is a common ailment, more so in cats than in dogs. It can occur in one or both eyes and symptoms can include watery eyes, swollen eyelids, redness and discharge. It can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection. It is possible for conjunctivitis to cause a corneal ulcer due to the eye getting scratched from the animal rubbing it or from a viral infection. There are several treatments that we have tried.
Clavamox or Amoxicillin - antibiotics may be needed if there is yellow or green discharge coming from the eye, usually in conjunction with an upper respiratory infection. A change should be noticeable withing a couple of days.
Bo Yun San - a Chinese herbal remedy. The original formula used an ingredient called cinnabar, which is now banned by the FDA due to toxicity (if ingested in amounts larger than what is in Bo Yun - and this remedy is used topically, not ingested). The new formula seems to work okay for treating conjunctivitis, but is not as effective in the case of a corneal ulcer. A q-tip is dipped into the powder, then blow or sprinkle the powder onto the eye.
Terramycin - non-prescription antibiotic gel. Apply a small dab to the inside corners of the eye twice a day until the infection clears. For the past few years, Terramycin has been very difficult to find, as it is on backorder from the manufacturer. I purchase it online through Ebay from Europe (Turkey), where it is more readily available. It takes a few weeks to arrive by mail, so it's a good idea to keep some on hand. There are now some US sellers on Ebay who are purchasing from Europe and reselling locally, which would provide faster shipping.
Gentamycin - prescription antibiotic drops.
Pet Alive Eye-Heal - dilutes to make an eye wash, which soothes the eyes and reduces redness and puffiness.
Willard Water - in addition to being a great addition to drinking water, Willard Water can be diluted to use as eye drops, which aids healing. Dilute 1/2 ml of Willard Water in 1 oz of filtered water. Willard Water Topical Spray can also be sprayed into the eye twice a day.
Note - putting any kind of medication into the eye may burn or cause discomfort for a moment. You may need to hold or distract your pet so they don't wipe at the eye.