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Allergies (in Humans)


I speak from experience when it comes to chronic allergies. I had severe allergies for my whole life up until about 8 years ago. I was allergic to just about everything (including cats) and my allergies caused chronic sinusitis and bronchitis, where I would get very sick 4 times a year for about a month at a time. I've had a bloody nose that just wouldn't stop and cracked ribs multiple times from severe coughing. I went in for allergy testing as a teenager, and was told my blood allergen levels were among the highest they had seen. My doctor tried me on every prescription allergy medication until we found one that worked - at twice the normal adult dose (my weight was only slightly over 100 lbs), leaving me in somewhat of a fog. I was on prescription decongestants and sinus sprays that caused my nose to bleed and left me dehydrated. Still, I continued to get bronchitis 4 times a year. The only treatment that worked was antibiotics, that got higher and higher in strength every time I got sick, and steroids. I received allergy shots for a few years, but never made it beyond the lowest dosage because I kept having a reaction to them. I was re-tested to see if there had been any impact. There was a change - my cat allergy was gone. I was told that animal allergies are among the easiest to treat, which is probably why it's the only one of my allergies that was gone, even though I only received a very small dose. Other than that, my condition remained the same.

Eventually, I did my own research. I found that allergies are a product of a weakened immune system and that all of the medications I was on were just weakening my immune system even more. After finding more and more information about how animal proteins cause inflammation and disease in humans, I decided to try a vegetarian diet - no meat of any kind, but I still ate dairy and eggs in very small amounts. I just wanted to see what would happen. Within a couple of weeks, I was already feeling better and started cutting back on my allergy medications. After a couple of months, I was off of the medications completely. To boost my immune system further, I decided to completely cut out the dairy and eggs and go vegan. My health has been great ever since.

Based on my own experience, my recommendation to anyone with allergies is to try a vegan, plant-based, diet. The fresher, the better. Cut animal proteins out of your diet completely, and cut down on other inflammatory foods, such as sugar, alcohol and refined/processed foods. Avoid synthetic ingredients, like artificial sweeteners, colorants, flavorings and preservatives. Stick to organic foods to avoid the damaging chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers and stay away from genetically modified foods. I also drink and recommend alkaline (high pH) water. I use a water ionizer and add Willard Water.